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Relationships Education Policy

From September 2020 Relationships Education and Health Education (RSHE) became statutory in primary schools. This means that the government has stipulated that all schools must teach these topics as part of the curriculum, just like other important subjects like English and maths. In primary, sex education is not compulsory, however, the Department for Education strongly advises that schools continue to deliver some elements of sex education to ensure that children have the skills to develop positive and healthy relationships in adolescence, whilst also understanding how to keep themselves safe from harm.

If you would like to have a look at the guidance, you can access it here 

All schools must have a Relationship and Sex Education policy that explains how they plan to deliver RSHE. This must be written and reviewed in consultation with you, as parents and carers as well as with staff, children, and governors. Our consultation period is now over and the outcomes can be found below.


Consultation Outcomes

Our consultation process took into consideration the feedback given by pupils, staff, parents, and governors. We have made some changes to our policy and curriculum and the final policy is below. The main changes are on page 14 where we have altered the year group that we introduce the scientific names of body parts. We will start teaching this from EYFS using the NSPCC PANTS resources to support our teaching. These changes are also reflected on the Whole School Overview. 

We will have another consultation process when the policy is reviewed again in March 2023. 

1decision Programme for Relationships Education

Livingstone has chosen to deliver Relationships and Health Education using the 1decision resource. You can be reassured that this programme of videos, workbooks, and interactive activities has been sensitively developed to teach children about relationships using an age-appropriate and sequential approach.

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Understanding RSHE - A guide for parents/carers

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