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MK41 7LG
Tel. 01234 352879

'Be Kind, Work Hard'


Governors Name Type Subject
Rev Roger Stokes Chair of Governors
Foundation Governor

Maths;  Science; Safeguarding, E-Safety;  Health & Safety

Business, Curriculum and Personnel, Pay Appeals committees

Mr Peter Thornes




Business, Curriculum and Personnel, Pay committees


Mrs Karen Goodwin


Staff Governor


Curriculum and Personnel committee


Dr Isabelle Brodie        


Co-opted Governor


PSHE/RSE; British Values; RE; Safeguarding; Looked after Children

Business, Pay committees


Mrs Laura Diedrick        


 Foundation Governor


Creative Arts; SEND 

Curriculum and Personnel committee


Mrs Toni Badnall



Parent Governor


Equalities; Website

Curriculum and Personnel committee


Mr Ian Nicholls


Vice Chair of Governors Community Governor


PE; Science; EYFS; MFL

Curriculum and Personnel, Pay Appeals committees


Mrs Naomi Brice


Co-opted Governor


Health and Safety

Business, Pay Appeals committees


Mrs Natalie Bliss


Staff Governor


Website; Sports Premium

Curriculum and Personnel committee


Mrs Catherine Ungeprapakorn


Parent Governor


English, Pupil Premium

Curriculum and Personnel & Pay committees

Statutory Governors:

Community Cohesion & Extended Schools Governor: Ian Nicholls

Health & Safety Governor: Rev. Roger Stokes

Safeguarding Governor: Rev. Roger Stokes, Dr. Isabelle Brodie

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Governor: Laura Diedrick

Training Link Governor:


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Governing Board Constitution

There are 11 positions, 10 are filled and there is 1 vacancy.

Co-opted governors (No vacancies)
Term of office                        from                      to
Ian Nicholls                   1st Dec 2020          30th Nov 2024
Isabelle Brodie              1st Sept 2021         31st Aug 2025
Naomi Brice                  1st Sept 2021         31st Aug 2022
Karen Goodwin             1st Jan 2021          31st Dec 2024
Foundation governors (1 Vacancy)
Term of office                       from                        to
Laura Diedrick                1st Sept 2021        31st Aug 2025
Headteachers (No vacancies)
Peter Thornes
Local Authority Governors (No Vacancies)
Term of office                     from                         to
Roger Stokes              1st Oct 2019            30th Sep 2023
Parent governors (No Vacancies)
Term of office                     from                         to
Toni Badnall                       1st Nov 2021      31st Oct 2025
Catherine Ungeprapakorn 1 Feb 2019         31st Jan 2023
Staff governors (No vacancies)
Term of office                     from                         to
Natalie Bliss                 30th Nov 2021          29th Nov 2025