Welcome to Robins Class

Robin Red Breast Bird Facts | Erithacus Rubecula - The RSPB

Miss Larkins, Mrs Davis, Mrs Acri & Mrs Lutrell-Marler welcome you to Robins Class!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a natural, calm learning environment that promotes children’s independence and their resilience. We want the learning opportunities to be developmentally appropriate which is why there will be lots of opportunities for children to learn through play. When we provide these play opportunities, they will be closely linked to our adult-led teaching sessions and the National Curriculum. Through play, children will have lots of opportunities to practice what they have learnt over and over again to ensure that the learning is being stored in their long-term memory. We want children to have a love of learning and we want to promote their natural curiosity. 

Summer Term 2 - Let's Grow


We will be learning about place value within 100, time and money.


In English we will be writing our own instructions.


We will be learning the names of parts of a plant, how plants grown from seeds and bulbs, the difference between a deciduous and evergreen tree, as well growing our own plant and recording its measurements.


We will be learning the names and locations of the 7 continents, as well as famous landmarks and interesting facts about these continents. 


We will be researching significant people who have had an impact on our history - Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell.


Woven Wonders - Weaving techniques


What is a Muslim? What do they believe and how do they live?


Growing in our world and friendships


Let's Perform Together



Important Information:

  • Wednesday -  PE with Mr Sinclair 
  • Thursday - PE with Miss Larkins & reading books changed
  • Friday - Spellings and homework handed in and new homework and spellings will be issued.

Please read with your child daily. Once you have read with your child, please sign and date their reading record.

Thank you!


The children are taught discrete phonics lessons everyday following the Twinkl program.  We teach the children the sounds in order for them to read and write with increasing proficiency. At the end of Year 1 (in June) the children will be completing a Phonics Screening Check which is a legal requirement for each child. They will apply their phonic knowledge to read 40 words, 20 of which are real and 20 which are not (we call these alien words).

The weekly spellings that the children receive are linked to the sounds and words that they learn in their phonics lessons. It is important that these are practised at home.


There is more information about the Phonics Screening Check here: 


Thank you for your on-going support.

 If you have any questions or queries, please come and speak to the Year 1 team or email the school office: schooloffice@livingstoneprimary.co.uk