to Year 6 Kestrels class from Mrs Dyas, Mrs Lara, Mrs Jones and Mr Jackson.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Kestrels class and getting started on a jam-packed year of learning, activities and opportunities.  There is plenty to look forward to!

English in Spring 1

In our English lessons, the class will be reading and exploring the characters and themes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  We will be writing from the point of view of Harry stuck in the Dursley's house sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs.  We will be exploring the magical world of flying broomsticks and writing an instructional piece for aspiring fliers! 



We will  be watching sections of the film during our lessons too.  We shall try to contain our excitement about our upcoming trip to Harry Potter World!



Maths in Spring 1

In Maths, the class will be looking at

  • metric and imperial measurements
  • ratio
  • percentage

History in Spring 1

Year 6 will be studying

The Changing Role of Women.

Science in Spring 1

Year 6 will be studying 

Living Things and their habitats



PSHE in Spring 1

Year 6 will be focusing on Being Responsible with a unit on Stealing.  The learning outcomes are:


Art  in Spring 1

Our unit in Art is:

Painting and Mixing Media: Artist Study


We will be looking at the work of David Hockney, John Singer Sargent, Fiona Rae and Lubaina Himid. The children will then be exploring the life and work of Frida Kahlo; our own art work will be inspired by her.


PE in Spring 1

This term the children will be swimming on Wednesdays at Bedford Modern's pool.  Please ensure you child comes to school with their swimming things.


Our PE lesson will be on Mondays.  

Children in Kestrels class need to come to school dressed in their P.E. kit on Mondays.

You will need: blue t-shirt, black shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms and sensible, outside trainers.  Please ensure your child takes their earrings out on PE days.


Remember, the values you develop in sport will carry across into your academic work and all that you do in school and outside school.

Strive to be your very best!

We encourage Kestrels class to think about this question on a daily basis:

How do you demonstrate these values whilst being physically active, when playing competitive sport, during PE lessons and, most importantly of all, in your everyday life?

RE in Spring 1

How and why do some people inspire others?

Why do some people believe in God and some do not?


ICT in Spring 1

Mr Jackson is busy using Purple Mash to expand the children's knowledge of spreadsheets.  


Spanish in Spring 1

Kestrels will continue their learning from Year 5 and will be learning to understand and give directions in a town in Spanish.  Thanks Mrs Lara!

Homework in Year 6

Homework is set on a Thursday and is handed in the following Wednesday.

If your child needs support in school, Mrs Lara and Mrs Dyas run a Homework Club on Tuesday lunchtimes.


Spellings - please practise at home.  Spelling tests are every Friday. 

See below for this term's spellings:


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