to Year 6 Kestrels class from Mrs Dyas, Mrs Lara, Mrs Jones and Mr Jackson.

We can't quite believe that our last half term is upon us.  Kestrels class are going to finish their time at primary school with a half term to remember.   We have Forest School afternoons every Tuesday, our final Livingstone Camping adventure on the school field, our trip to London, the Leavers' Party and our Leavers Assembly.  


English in Summer 2

In our English lessons, we will be finishing off our writing journey using the stimulus of the short film 'Alma'.


We will be reading the book Floodland exploring climate change and human impact on the environment.




Maths in Summer 2

In Maths, the class will be looking at

shape  - with a focus on 3D shapes and nets.

All Year 6 children will be taking part in

Year 6 Enterprise

They will be working in groups to make their £2.50 per person grow!  They will be learning about about key concepts including:



History in Summer 2

Year 6 will continue to study the  

Groovy Greeks looking at the overarching question of 'What did the Greeks ever do for us?'

They will also be looking at these questions in greater detail.

The class are doing a fantastic job of making their own individual power points in order to show their learning.  It has been fantastic to see some great peer work as they improve their computer skills and learn new ways to use Power Point effectively.

Science in Summer 2

Year 6 will be studying 

Sex and Relationships.




PSHE in Summer 2

Year 6 will be focusing on Growing and Changing with a unit on Conception.   A letter has been sent out detailing a meeting in which parents are invited to come and find out more details about the teaching and content of this unit.


We will also be looking at the unit Working World and focusing on In-app purchases.

The learning outcomes are:


DT in Summer 2

Our unit in DT is:

Designing and Making a Cushion


We will look at the importance of designing for function and for asthetics.  The children will plan their design, practise the stitches needed for the embroidery and learn to use a sewing machine for straight stitches.  They will then make and evaluate their cushions and the designs.

We have done lots of the hard work - now it is time to assemble our cushions with lots of beautiful stitches!


Our unit in DT is:

Designing and Making a clay vase inspired by Ancient Greek Pottery.

Photos and details to follow!




PE in Summer 2

Rounders and Athletics


Our PE lesson will be on Mondays and Wednesdays

Children in Kestrels class need to come to school dressed in their P.E. kit on Mondays and Wednesdays

You will need: blue t-shirt, black shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms and sensible, outside trainers.  Please ensure your child takes their earrings out on PE days.


Remember, the values you develop in sport will carry across into your academic work and all that you do in school and outside school.

Strive to be your very best!

We encourage Kestrels class to think about this question on a daily basis:

How do you demonstrate these values whilst being physically active, when playing competitive sport, during PE lessons and, most importantly of all, in your everyday life?

RE in Summer 2

Kestrels will be bringing together different units from the Year 6 curriculum this half-term including:


Why do some people believe in God and some do not?

How does faith enable resilience?

How is faith expressed in Islam?

Music in Summer 2

Year 6 will be getting ready for their Leavers Assembly in music lessons.  Top secret!  No details to share! 


ICT in Summer 2

Mr Jackson is busy using Purple Mash to teach the children about networks.  


Spanish in Summer 2

Kestrels will continue their learning from Year 5 and will be revising language to express opinions. 

Their topic is Eating out - En el restaurante. 

They will be also helping serve food in El cafe de Livingstone for the younger children. 

Thanks Mrs Lara!

Homework in Year 6

Homework is set on a Thursday and is handed in the following Wednesday.

If your child needs support in school, Mrs Lara and Mrs Dyas run a Homework Club on Tuesday lunchtimes.


Spellings - please practise at home.  Spelling tests are every Friday.   

We will also be practising a range of spellings from KS2 ready for the SATS Spelling Test.

See below for this term's spellings:


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