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Wrens Class Page

Your new class for year 2 will be....


Your new teachers will be Mrs Isley and Mrs Davis!

You can meet your new teachers on Tuesday 14th July at 12pm on Zoom.

You will be sent the details if you have completed and return the consent form which is on the homepage of the

Livingstone website. 

We need your help!

Back to School

A short video to show you what year 1 will look like when we start the phased return to school. 

Back to School

A story to help children to understand what school will be like when they return

Coming back to school in a bubble!

Summer Term

Topic: Home and Away


Maths (6-7-20)

You can follow the daily maths lessons using the link above. Daily lessons will be updated everyday for you to follow and use at home.


Please continue to read at home
Please continue to read at home

Sentence Writing Criteria

In Year 1 we teach the children how to use capital letters and full stops. They learn how to separate each word with a finger space so it is easy to read back their own work. We have been learning how to make writing more interesting by using adjectives and conjunctions. 

We have introduced a new handwriting scheme and the children have been learning how to write in cursive handwriting.

Cursive Handwriting

Story Time with Miss Gray

The storm whale

Five minutes peace


Knuffle Bunny

A quiet night in

The Cloudspotter

You can't take an elephant on the bus

Billy's Bucket

Matilda's Cat

I could be, you could be

Dear Greenpeace

Week 4 Home Learning (6-7-20)

Downloadable Plan

English (6-7-20)

Day 1

Listen to the book ‘Tigress’- this book gives lots of tiger facts- the story told in the book is how a tigress looks after and cares for her tiger cubs.

Explain that the book is read as both non-fiction and a fiction. Look at the sheet of sentences and explain that some of these are fiction some are non-fiction. The children will need to sort these into the correct columns which can be either written or cut out.

Day 2-5

Look at some of the facts on sheet 2. Can you remember the facts from the Tigress story?

You can now make a fact file about tigers. The front page needs to be a picture of a tiger, with you as the author!

Follow these subheadings to create your fact file.

Page 1

What are tigers like?

Page 2

How do tigers eat?

Page 3

Do tigers have babies?

Page 4

Where do tigers live

Page 5

Other facts

Please send in your completed work to:

Topic 6/7/20

This week we are learning about the famous nurse Edith Cavell.

Read the information sheet to learn all about her.

Click on the image below to learn some more about her. 

Here is a PowePoint with some more information. 


Write at least 5 facts about her; either using the sheets provided or your own paper and include:

  • Who was she?
  • What was she famous for?
  • Where was she born?
  • When was she born?
  • Why did she become a nurse? 


Send your work to the year 1 email address. 

Websites to support learning at home

Click on the images below and a new window will open

Phonics Play


A selection of English, Maths and Phonics activities for KS1

My Maths

Children will use the login details below to enter the site and will then need to use their personal login details which have been provided in the home learning pack. 

Homework has been set for children to complete.

Purple Mash

Login with personal username and password. These have been stuck in the front of the reading records. Once logged in, click on 'To do' to access work that has been set.


Oxford Owl

Children can access and read books online from home.

Teach your monster to read

Login details are in the front of the reading records

Physical Education 

2019 - 2020 Curriculum Outline


PE kit
PE kit