Welcome to Woodpecker Class

Welcome to Year 3


We hope you had a lovely summer and enjoyed the holiday.

Miss Baldwin and Miss Bunker would like to welcome you to Year 3 and to Wagtails. 

We are going to begin our learning journey by travelling back in time to the Stone Age and learning about life during prehistoric times. We have lots of interesting and exciting activities planned. 


During this first term we will be establishing the children’s knowledge of spellings from the prior years, ensuring those spellings are well understood, and then moving on to the next level.  The words that are being learned may therefore be different for each child.


This term we will be using the Jane Considine writing plans to help us with our learning in our English lessons. 

We will be focusing on texts that are linked to our main topic 'Stone Age to Iron Age'



Our topic this term is 'Stone Age to Iron Age'.

We will travel back to prehistoric times and explore how people might have lived during this period. Using a timeline will help us to sequence and place events.

We will become history detectives and investigate the types of settlements and homes people lived in and how they hunted, gathered and farmed. 



In our art lessons we will be exploring prehistoric cave art and creating our own masterpieces. 


This term we will begin by exploring place value, addition and subtraction.  

We will also be using TT Rock Stars to help us learn our times tables.

We will start by practising recalling multiplication and division facts for the 2.5 and 10 times tables. 



In our Science lessons we will be learning about the importance of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles.