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Welcome to the Woodpeckers


Dear Woodpeckers 

Welcome to Year 3 and the wonderful Woodpeckers. Mrs White and Mrs Richardson are really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know all about you. 

We have lots of great learning activities and topics planned and welcome your ideas. 




Year 3 Spellings

Each Monday morning we will learn our spellings. The words will be listed on our class page so you can learn them at home as well as at school. On Friday we will see how many words we can remember how to spell. 



Our spellings for the week beginning the 18th October are all homophones which means that the words sound the same but have different meanings and are spelt differently. They are: 

berry     bury     brake     break      meet     meat     ball     bawl     fair     fare





 This term we will be using the Jane Considine writing plans to help us with our learning in our English lessons. 

We will use the really funny story 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley. 

The children will be focusing on writing and in particular how we construct sentences. We will use sentence stacking to develop our vocabulary and grammar before we launch into writing longer pieces with the guidance of a narrative map. 

At the end we will write our own instructional text using imperative verbs. 




Yearly Overview 



The children will use 'White Rose' in Maths and begin by developing and building on their knowledge and understanding of place value. To support them with their learning they will be using a range of representations and resources in lessons. 

When learning about new concepts the children will use objects and manipulatives to help them understand what they are doing. They will also use pictorial representations when working on reasoning tasks and to help them solve problems. This approach will enable them to develop a much greater understanding as they move on to work on more abstract ideas and mathematical concepts. 

We will start with revising our numbers to 100 and adding tens and ones using our understanding of place value to help us. We will then progress to working with larger numbers up to 1000 and finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than a given number. We will compare and order numbers up to 1000 and learn how to count in 50's. 

Below are some examples of the types of learning activities the children will be working on. 



Children in year 3 take part in the times tables challenge and start aiming for their bronze, silver, gold or platinum award. This can be achieved by correctly answering multiplication and division questions linking to the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables, the 3's and 4's times tables and finally the 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's times tables.

 They use Times Tables Rock Stars to help them become quicker and more confident with

multiplication and division.
We also use My Maths to help improve mathematical knowledge and understanding and develop skills.





In our Science lessons we will be learning about how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. We will begin by looking at the nutritional value of different foods and learning about the 'Eat well' plate and how it helps us in eating a balanced diet. 

We will learn about different types of skeletons, their important functions and learn the names of different bones in the human skeleton. We will also learn about different groups of muscles and about how they work. 

As well as working on acquiring knowledge we will be developing our scientific enquiry skills and using a range of methods to help us answer scientific questions. 


Travel back with us in time to the Stone Age 


Our topic this term is 'Stone Age to Iron Age' so we will be travelling back to pre-historical times! 

We will first establish when the Stone Age was on a time line and learn about other historical events that occurred around a similar period. We will look at archaeological evidence and artefacts to try and help us learn about life during this time. By studying cave paintings we will aim to understand about hunting and gathering and the tools and weapons that they used. We will look at the development in house building and explore the amazing prehistoric settlement of Skara Brae. 



P.E. for Woodpeckers is on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday Mr Knight will teach the children games and on a Thursday the children will be taking part in Cricket.

It is important you wear your P.E. kit to school on P.E. days.

Don't forget the weather is going to get colder so please make sure you have the appropriate clothing.

Year 3 Homework

Homework at the moment will be posted online on Purple Mash and My Maths.

Remember that you can also use TT Rock stars to improve your fluency and recall of the times tables.

Any problems with homework please email via Purple Mash.

We will learn our spellings in class and have a quiz on Monday to check our results.

To help with the 'Times table Challenge', click on the link below to take your child to the Times Tables Rock Stars log in, 'My Maths' or Top Marks website. 

Here your child can practise their times tables.
Remember there are bronze, silver and gold badges to be won.