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Welcome to Swallows

In the Swallows, the children are involved in a range of different learning experiences. Often the class topic is linked with our English focus. During many of the lessons, the children are practicing reading and writing. Please work with your children at home to practice their reading and writing. 



In English, we are reading a non-fiction text about Pirates. We will learn that non-fiction texts include real and true facts. We are going to explore the different features of the text by looking at the headings, subheadings and thinking questions. We will later use this text to help us write our own non-chronological report about Pirates.



In Maths we will be looking at statistics. We will learn about the different ways that data can be collected and use tally charts, pictograms and bar charts to represent this data. We will also explore how to interpret and understand the data represented.


Later on in the term, we will move on to looking at time and measures. We will learn to read the time for; o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and in 5 minute intervals. After this we will learn about the different ways to measure length, mass and the temperature.



This term we will be involved in a range of activities which think about the physical and human features of the Seaside. What the seaside was like in the past compared to now and the types of activities that children and adults can enjoy whilst at the seaside. We are going to focus on the seaside destination Hunstanton and compare this a seaside resort in Kenya.

In Science the children will learn about plants. The children will learn the different parts of a plant and be able to label and explain their function. They will explore different seeds and bulbs. They will complete science experiments to help them learn about the different conditions that plants need to grow.

English WOW Work

Year 2 Curriculum Map

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